Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Recently there has been an increase in oil and gas exploration and activity in our region. We believe it is important to provide easy and convenient access to the State Oil and Gas Conservation Commission web site concerning oil and gas activity. It is important to note that Adams County does not have the authority to regulate oil and gas wells including hydraulic fracturing activities because state law does not allow local government control in these matters. The Oil and Gas Conservation Commission reviews and places special conditions on oil and gas permits in accordance with State laws and rules. Adams County will inform property owners and our cities within ½ mile of proposed activity when we receive notice of activity related to these topics. Comments and questions concerning oil and gas permits and rules should be sent to Margaret.Ash, Field Inspection Manager, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, 1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 801, Denver, CO 80203, 303.894.2100 (ext. 5100). For inquiries about oil and gas regulations and pending permits please visit